Creativity PhD

Creativity is a lot like compost: Go ahead and Pile it Higher and Deeper, but it produces the best results when you stir things up on a regular basis. To help you do that, I'm working on an advanced degree in creativity. Sorry, it's not from any accredited institution of higher learning. It's not even the kind of advanced degree you can order off the internet, and you won't be able to (legally) perform marriage ceremonies if you complete this course of study. But I hope you'll have fun using these exercises from the Creativity PhD program.

Does This Count As Exercise? -- Double-doodle + quick collage + crop

Talk To The Hand -- Doodling + reflective writing

With One Hand Tied -- sketching with the non-dominant hand

The Dictionary Game -- an exercise in divergent thinking

The Panel Doodle -- letting go of expections

The Big Bang Warm-up -- a fusion of ideas from The Black Hole

Frosty Doodles -- a seasonal exercise

I Scream -- an incubation exercise involving ice cream and Hershey syrup

Magical Fruit -- a creativity exercise that makes it look like you're fixing a meal

Simple Shapes -- a quick collage exercise

Shifty Eyes -- I've removed the search engine from the bottom of the page, but the exercise still works

Huff And Puff -- doodle + reflective writing + pinwheel = breathing = in-spiration

Glee Choreography -- a cross-lateral movement exercise with a hand jive chaser

She Shoots, She Scores -- March Madness with collage and Silly String

Farmville Collage Exercise -- creative constraint, fields to till, and a cut-and-paste mortgage.

Bootleg Collage -- an exercise in distillation from my other blog, Two Red Threads.

BYO Reality --  Play-doh flowers.