Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Glee Choreography

Once upon a time, public speakers were advised to "picture the audience naked." Theoretically, this would keep you from being nervous. I don't know about you, but being stared at by a room full of naked people would make me nervous. Instead, I've always imagined the audience as the rest of the cast of a huge musical production number.

So here's the choreography we used at the beginning of the Missouri Art Education Association keynote program in Kansas City last week.
  1. Extend both arms in front of you.
  2. Place your palms together.
  3. Clasp your hands.
  4. Which thumb is on top?
  5. Lift both thumbs toward the ceiling and re-clasp so the other thumb is on top.
  6. If it feels weird and unnatural, you're doing it right.
Cross-lateral movements like this, however small, can help signal the brain to wake up and pay attention. This exercise can be done at your desk, in your studio, or even in a hotel ballroom packed with people.

Nobody danced on the tables during my speech -- this time (next time, who knows?). And in the Creativity Cram Session I taught the next day, we talked briefly about using hand jive as a readiness ritual. So, ladies and gentlemen, to inspire you to get moving here's Johnny Otis with Willie and the Hand Jive.


Anonymous said...

on your creativity PhD page, the link to this post is broken :(
I found it simply by scrolling down through all your posts until I came to it, because I thought it sounded good enough to be worth the trouble!

Donna Kallner... said...

Thanks so much for the heads up. I've fixed the link, and I'm singing (and dancing) your praises!