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Over the years, I have broken a few spines trying to hold open a book while I figured something out. When the time came to publish material developed over 10 years of teaching, I made a lot of choices based on what I like in other books. I like spiral bindings. I like books that get deep into technique, and show me there are more possibilities to explore. I like books that assume I'll want to design my own work, and help me understand how.

I wrote New Age Looping and Altered Images: A Handbook For Fiber Artists for people like me. And now I'm working on other ways to deliver ideas and information to eager minds -- from magazine articles to e-books and more. I'll keep you posted about those. 

When you buy my books, whether from one of my beloved online or brick-and-mortar retailers or in my shop at Etsy, I want you to know how much I appreciate your purchase!

New Age Looping
Looping is a living legacy from the Stone Age that contemporary fiber  artists are giving their own spin. You can, too, with this practical  handbook. It's 116 pages packed with illustrations and spiral bound so it lies flat. In-depth  instructions help you master tension control and shaping so you can  create bags, garments, vessels and more. Instructions emphasize ways to  adapt a basic idea to suit your own style and materials, and you learn  to design looping projects of your own.

Older than weaving,  knitting and crochet, looping creates a fabric so stable it cannot  unravel. That makes it ideal handwork for travel and times when you have  frequent distractions. Be prepared for interruptions, because when your  friends see you looping they're going to want to know more about it!  Send them to to learn more about this timeless  technique.

P.S. In looping you never have to count stitches!         

Altered Images: A Handbook for  Fiber Artists 
Putting imagery on fabric has never been easier or more fun. This  practical handbook will guide you through the process of moving ideas  out of your imagination and onto cloth (and a few other surfaces). You'll  learn image transfer techniques that use non-toxic transfer agents and  remain flexible and easy to stitch through. You'll discover how  easy it is to use common home office technology and your digital camera.  In-depth instructions help you understand basic processes. Once  you know those, you'll find you can mix and match materials and  supplies. Sample projects help you get started. The book also has  helpful creativity warm-up exercises and ideas for altering images  before and after you put them on fabric. Since the dawn of time,  people have used images to convey ideas and tell stories. Get ready to  tell yours!

If you're a dealer who would like to carry my books or a publisher interested in working with me, I'm as close as donnastitches[at] I'd love to hear from you!