For the past 10 years I've been a self-employed working artist and fiber arts teacher. This is my third "creative" career: Before this, my husband and I owned a whitewater paddling school. Before that, I was a magazine editor. In my wildest dreams, as a farm kid in Indiana I could not have predicted the path my life would take.

It's been a lifelong adventure -- learning to make do with limited resources, to navigate unfamiliar terrain, to adapt as conditions change. Any expedition into the unknown requires flexible thinking, the willingness to risk failure, the resolve to keep trying, and the habit of hope. These are good skills for a fiber artist to have. For that matter, these are good skills in any line of work, and for life in general.

That's why I incorporate creativity exercises and habits into my fiber art workshops. You can check out upcoming fiber workshops here. I also teach and lecture on creativity with a side of fiber art.

No matter how many gee-whiz art or textile techniques you know, what matters most is the life you create for yourself. I'd love to discuss how I can tailor a workshop that fosters creativity for your group or venue.You can reach me at donnastitches[at] I look forward to being part of your lifelong adventure!