Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Huff & Puff Doodle -- An Incubation Exercise

After too many hour hunched over the computer, I needed a break that would help me get the creative juices flowing again, help me clarify some ideas I'd been incubating, and get me unhunched and breathing deeply. So I used a variation on my Talk To The Hand exercise. Here's how you do the Huff & Puff Doodle.
  1. Bounce. As with Talk To The Hand, this exercise involves bouncing back and forth between doodling and reflective writing. In Huff & Puff, though, you doodle on one side of the page and write on the opposite side.
  2. Trim. After filling one side with doodles and the other with writing, trim a 6" x 6" square from the page.
  3. Divide. Draw two corner-to-corner lines that intersect in the center of the square. 
  4. Cut. Cut from the corners toward but not all the way to the center of the square. There's a template here if that helps.
  5. Tape. Tape or glue two craft sticks together to make a handle.
  6. Tack. Curl each corner toward the center and use a thumb tack to secure them to the craft stick.
  7. Take a deep breath. Stand up, hold your doodle pinwheel in front of you, think about the ideas you've been reflecting on, and...
  8. Blow.
Now, don't you feel better?

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