Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frosty Doodles -- A Creativity Warm-Up

It was 4 degrees below zero this morning, and I felt like I could watch cartoons all day without turning the TV on. That's how my husband describes "the slows." I really needed a warm-up, and some fresh air. Time for frosty doodles. Here's what you do.
  1. Gather. You'll need water, food coloring, and one or two squirt-style plastic water bottles (unless you happen to have a couple of water pistols handy).
  2. Mix. Mix up some colored water in the bottles.
  3. Bundle. Dress warmly, and don't wear your best gloves.
  4. Scout. Find a spot where you and/or the dog won't be tracking through. This will melt. Eventually. I hope. You get bonus points for picking a spot that will give the neighbors something to talk about.
  5. Squirt. Doodle, squirt and spatter colored water on the snow or on the ice. I filled in one of my boot prints, for good measure.
  6. Admire. Take some deep breaths as you admire your frosty doodles. When your glasses are so fogged up you can't admire them any longer, you're done.
For those of you who aren't blessed with snow or ice this time of year, well, you probably don't need this warm-up anyway!


AliceHunterKelly said...

Hmmmm I like this one better than the ice cream (lactose intolerance anyone?). THink I just threw out the last of the ancient food coloring though....

Donna Kallner... said...

Curry powder? No, wrong color. Beet juice? Grape juice!