Monday, May 10, 2010

BYO Reality Creativity Warm-Up

Last week, I was burning through my to-do list like a house a-fire -- right up until smoke started pouring out of my monitor. Distracted, I let my defenses down and the bug that hit everyone last winter got me. It was a lost weekend. So to get a fresh start this week, I used a creativity warm-up I call BYO Reality. You could also call it the Play-doh Flower warm-up.

Last week, my craving for bright colors for floral-theme class elements led me here. That was before the snow that blanketed our area on Friday night. If anything, the craving is even worse now that the cold snap has probably guaranteed we won't have lilacs this year. Since reality often depends on your point of view, you might as well Build Your Own. At any age, that is best done with some Play-doh.

Just pinch off a bit of Play-doh, roll it into a ball, and smash it around your thumb to make a petal. Repeat to make more petals. Layer colors on the petals, if you like. Arrange petals into a flower. Add more flowers. Put centers in your flowers. Build a whole garden, if you like.

While I was walking around the garden to see how things fared in the cold, I snipped a few daylily and sedum leaves. Then I photographed my Play-doh flowers on the real leaves as well as on a white paper background (so I could drop in a digital background later). You could also make a paper collage for the background.

With that done, I'm ready to pick up where I was so rudely interrupted on Thursday. I hope this warm-up will help me find the creative boost I need to resolve the resolution problem that has everything on the new wide-screen monitor looking kind of squashy. If not, at least I have a splash of color and the smell of Play-doh to comfort me today.

What's your favorite thing to make from Play-doh?

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